As the world’s leading poetic voice, Sekou has revolutionized the world’s concept of a keynote speech. Poetic voice keynotes blend inspirational speaking, spoken word poetry, business content, theater, and comedy in moving memorable ways that feel highly personalized to each audience. Whether you need a 30, 45, or 60 minute speech… whether the topic is disruption, community or storytelling… whether the audience is sales, leadership or tech, Sekou will have an in-depth meeting with you to understand your story, and then select the speech that will humanize your message through a speaking experience like no other.  It’s no wonder poetic voice keynotes earn cheers, tears, and standing ovations from even the most reserved audiences.


Having conquered the national poetry slam championship twice, released a GRAMMY-nominated album with a symphony orchestra, won multiple awards for music, poetry, and theater, and shared the stage with such artists as Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, Maroon 5, Kendrick Lamar, Sekou is a master at rocking any stage he touches. Whether you’ve got thousands at a festival or hundreds at a private event, if you’re searching for an entertaining feature performer to add a unique, breathtaking wow-factor to your party, concert, TV show, or fundraiser…
look no further.


With over 20 years experience in creating custom pieces that are highly sought after by the world’s largest brands, no one brings more success at inspiring business audiences with spoken word poetry than Sekou. Leading an elite collective of writers and performers, Sekou has taken those decades of experience and created a brand that has become the first name in powerhouse personalized poems. From opening and closing performances that electrify events, to digital and commercial ads that outperform major campaigns, to on-camera and voiceover poems that become the standout moment in TV shows and films, these bespoke masterpieces have left a trail of inspired consumers, clients and crowds across every industry. The Bespoken Word Poetry™ service offers you a premiere level of customization that will turn your message into an anthem your audiences will sing for years to come. 


Our unique approach to training is based on a simple truth: No matter what business you are in, you are in the business of inspiration. As a leader, an executive, a parent, or a communicator of any kind, you have the ability to not only inform others but to inspire others. So Sekou has created an incredibly effective training system that gives the average speaker access to the secret techniques of master artists to make your content and delivery more engaging and inspiring. Whether you are fighting stage fright or you want more stage might, our online, in-person training options will next level your voice and influence in ways you have never imagined.


Videos are often used as introductory content to prime audiences before the main event. However, when Sekou hits the screen, his videos ARE the main event! They have been used to train new employees, inspire audiences at live events, garner stakeholder support, secure investors, add inspiration to marketing content, and even launch a book to the bestseller list.


Sekou’s voice is soothing, commanding, comforting, invigorating, and recognizable. For this reason, he has been bringing a powerful resonance to the industrial and commercial voiceover projects of advertising agencies, corporate clients, and nonprofits for over 30 years. Sekou has been the “voice of God” at events, the voice of corporate videos and PSAs, the voice of national radio, TV, and film spots, and the voice of sexy talk in his wife’s ear. (He is available to you for all but the latter.)


Sekou has hosted everything from corporate conferences and fundraising events to Grammy parties and celebrity galas. The result is the same each time: highest ratings, record-breaking donations, and an unexpected inspirational element that made the experience more memorable than ever.

“Sekou seamlessly wove his reflections and thoughts throughout the evening with such humor and poignancy. He kept our audience laughing, and leaning in throughout the course of a two-hour event. No one was tired. No one was eager to leave… A hundred percent of our audience said that they were inspired by the night, and the vast majority said that they’re going to do something to get involved in their community, which was exactly the outcome we had hoped for.”

Christine Margiotta, Executive Director | Social Ventures


During the global COVID-19 pandemic Sekou had one message for his clients: “The live-event may be shut down, but the inspiration is not canceled!” Refusing to sacrifice his keynote standards, Sekou made a masterful pivot to delivering enhanced virtual speeches that helped his clients maintain the highest expectations of impact for virtual events. These unparalleled videos combined graphics, visual effects, music and other media with Sekou’s poetic voice delivery to create keynotes that leap from the screen and leave virtual audiences cheering from their home offices, crying on their couches, and giving standing ovations alone in their living rooms. These same videos of Sekou’s most popular keynotes are now available to you to license.