Rediscovering Innovation: Unleashing Childlike Creativity and Timeless Wisdom

The Vistage Executive Summits: Leading Innovation event offers a fantastic source of inspiration for businesses seeking to boost innovation in the workplace. Insights from speakers like Sekou Andrews, Erik Wahl, and others provide a valuable framework for rethinking how innovation occurs within organizations.

The Power of Combining Innocence and Wisdom The interplay of childlike creativity and seasoned wisdom is a compelling concept for driving innovation amongst teams. As individuals mature, the tendency to lose uninhibited curiosity and become more risk-averse is common. Rekindling that innate creative drive while simultaneously benefiting from hard-earned wisdom offers transformative potential for workplace innovation.

Key Takeaways to Enhance Workplace Innovation Sekou Andrews emphasizes the importance of accepting mistakes as learning opportunities. Creating a supportive, failure-tolerant environment leads to increased experimentation and a mindset focused on growth – essential for innovation in the workplace. A “win some, learn some” culture encourages bold thinking without the fear of negative consequences.

Leaders can also encourage teams to channel childlike wonder. Instead of asking “why didn’t anyone think of that?”, a focus on asking “why didn’t anyone think LIKE that?” promotes divergent thinking, challenges conventional norms, and potentially leads to breakthrough ideas that fuel creativity and ingenuity in the workplace.

Prioritizing psychological safety within company culture is essential for workplace innovation. When employees feel free to express ideas and aren’t penalized for taking smart risks, a thriving space for innovation emerges. People need to know their unique perspectives are valued, regardless of whether an idea ultimately succeeds.

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