Let’s Connect!

How can I help you?

I’m sold! How can my organization experience the Sekou Effect?

Excellent! Contact us, then you and I will have a creative call.


This is what I need, but can we speak first to make sure it’s a good fit?

Absolutely! Reach out and I’ll answer your questions or set up a call with you.


I’m a poetry fan and I want to go play in SekouWorld. How do I get there?

Pick your pleasure: Join my tribe, download my cd, like me, tweet me, watch me, come see me.


Do my people have to talk to your people, or can you actually be reached directly?

Try me. (Just don’t touch me, take photos, or look me directly in the eye)


We’re excited to have you at our event, and we need your bio for our online & print profiles.

I’m excited, too!  You can download bios, photos, and introductions here.