What is the ROI? (Return on Inspiration)

“The reaction was very positive, both, to his remarkable talent, but even more importantly, to the messages he was convening and the messages his performance conveyed to us; it helped us have a really productive meeting there after.”

What is the Sekou Effect?

“It’s hard to imagine the artistry of this young man; his ability to take a concept, factual information, compassion and ideas, weave it into a story … and move an audience and structure a presentation … I’m in awe of his talents.”

Could it work for my industry? (Tech)

“As a marketing professional, I’m in the business of creating experiences for people. There are very few things I’ve found that really move people in a way that Sekou does. He does it with intelligence and with complete relevancy to whatever project you’re working on.”

Why Poetic Voice and why is it so effective?

“Poetic Voice is a fresh medium that gets to the heart of issues in world where everything is often acronyms, codes, and corporate talk. Sekou deciphers those business messages in a universal language and connects people, whether on camera or live. He can take a video presentation or business meeting from humorous and informational, to powerful and inspirational. Frankly, it’s hard to describe the Sekou effect accurately. You just have to take a meeting with him. I’ve taken him to clients who thought they got it, then had him perform one excerpt live in a board room, and they were hooked! Take one meeting with him and I’m sure you’ll get excited about the possibilities.”

Does poetry have value in business?

“If you’re a CEO of a company and you want to get your department heads going, you can’t waste the one shot you have … you need to surprise them. You need to do … an out of the blue kind of thing. What’s more out of the blue in a corporate setting, than poetry? You just don’t think of the two coming together. But he makes them come together … And it worked beautifully. He re-wrote my script, which normally would be painful but … it was fantastic, not only the voice, but the words were improved dramatically. And he wrote it about a half-hour before he spoke them… It took me weeks – it’s not fair.”

What is the Sekou Effect?

“It was amazing, very insightful, and with his beautiful humor [he] actually showed the dark side of American health. Congratulations.”

What is the ROI? (Return on Inspiration)

“The effect on the meeting is absolutely amazing. At Nike we do amazing presentations, power points, videos and everything but I’ve never heard an audience be as quiet and attentive as when Sekou is speaking. He absolutely commands respect of the room. He gets everybody’s attention, and in this particular project, he certainly did that. You could hear a needle drop when he’s speaking and everybody just wants to see what he’s going to do next.”

Is it Entertainment or Motivational Speaking?

“My background is managing a lot of big super stars- Kenny Rogers, Lionel Ritchie, Olivia Newton-John, The Bee-gees, all kinds of stars on that level, and Sekou fits with that whole group. If I’ve ever seen an entertainer who is spectacularly talented, unique, really special, and delivers every time, it’s Sekou … the first time I ever saw Sekou – at a meeting of a whole bunch of the top speakers in the country, people whose names are household names … he opened that particular conference and got an ovation for maybe like 5 minutes. I mean, it was just unreal. I’ve seen him in every kind of situation, do something special, something different… whether it was selling a product, teaching people how to sell a product, motivating people to take action, motivating people to really care about what they are doing, or simply entertaining. He is that broad spectrum. He is a poetic voice … unlike anything else.”

This is for people who love Poetry, right?

“[Sekou] has the ability to take big, complex, cumbersome concepts and distill them down to succinct, emotional and dramatic truths. He also has an uncanny ability to connect with people. All kinds of people. I have seen him mesmerize intimate gatherings and unruly mobs both live and on screen. I have seen him work his magic at poetry festivals and corporate sales meetings wowing these vastly different audiences with his words … Prior to working with Sekou I never paid any attention to poetry. But watching Sekou create and witnessing the effect of his performance opened my eyes to the power of poetry and the impact of spoken word.”

Could it work for my industry? (Politics)

“Performing for academics, county and state officials, or college students, it didn’t matter. Mr. Andrews “killed.” This is a very gifted man, of great inspiration, who never fails, from the first onstage moment, to entertain and inform.”

What’s the ROI? (Return on Inspiration)

“His personalized phrasing spoke to every stake holder, and inspired a new level of partnership for the foundation. The reaction for the audience was thunderous! Every person was moved to action, with out question. We experienced and continue to benefit from The Sekou Effect.”

What is the Sekou Effect?

Could it work for my industry? (Media)

“To take a topic and turn it into, not just a conversation, but a story that keeps the audience focused for the entire time – I’ve never seen anybody do this the way Sekou does. Sekou keeps the message going, regardless of what it is – it could be on medicine, social media, on travel – the message is clear, concise, entertaining, and memorable. Sekou makes it all happen, all the time. He has never, ever let any of the events that I’ve done down… ever!”

What is the process? How does it work?

“The energy and passion he brings to the stage, resulted in the highest-scored opening our program has ever had … the decision we made to include him in the program is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made!”